This Is A Very Important Item For A Fulltime RV Family!

No, I'm not talking about the sewing machine. One of my favorite items, the item that I have found the most versatile, is this simple clear plastic rubbermaid container. Pictured above it is fulfilling the role of table, which is sorely needed when I'm attempting to use my sewing machine. I love to sew. I… Continue reading This Is A Very Important Item For A Fulltime RV Family!

I Was Not A Great Mom Today

I don’t know if it was because the littlest didn’t nap. Or because my husband’s work schedule was weird. Or maybe it was because I’m excited and distracted by my book. But I was not at my best today. Not by a long shot. What I do know, is that I yelled too much. I… Continue reading I Was Not A Great Mom Today

Growing Beans For My Kids

I saw this pack of purple bean seeds at the store and knew we had to grow them! I chose to start them indoors, in a glass jar to let the kids see what was happening. I stuffed the jar with cotton balls and put the seeds against the glass. I watered and we waited.… Continue reading Growing Beans For My Kids

Lighting the Dollhouse

Lately my kids enjoy playing in the dark. They like to turn all the lights off and, lucky for them, it gets pretty dark in the house even in the middle of the day. They like to grab flashlights and run around shining the light at each other. They like to turn one light on… Continue reading Lighting the Dollhouse