I Was Not A Great Mom Today

I don’t know if it was because the littlest didn’t nap. Or because my husband’s work schedule was weird. Or maybe it was because I’m excited and distracted by my book. But I was not at my best today. Not by a long shot. What I do know, is that I yelled too much. I… Continue reading I Was Not A Great Mom Today

Review of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight

As I sit here, on the eve of publishing my very first novella, I’m going to take a moment to review one of my favorite books! A novel that probably is partially responsible for my love of literature. I just recently reread it and fell in love all over again! Enjoy ❤ The first time… Continue reading Review of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight

Exploring the Olympic Peninsula Part II: Crescent Beach/ Salt Creek/ Tongue Point

This is the entrance. GPS will try to take you straight, but the entrance was closed the day we went. If you continue to the left, there will be three parking areas on the right side of the road. Pick one! Past them is a private/paid area. After that it gets a bit tricky to… Continue reading Exploring the Olympic Peninsula Part II: Crescent Beach/ Salt Creek/ Tongue Point

Growing Beans For My Kids

I saw this pack of purple bean seeds at the store and knew we had to grow them! I chose to start them indoors, in a glass jar to let the kids see what was happening. I stuffed the jar with cotton balls and put the seeds against the glass. I watered and we waited.… Continue reading Growing Beans For My Kids

Lighting the Dollhouse

Lately my kids enjoy playing in the dark. They like to turn all the lights off and, lucky for them, it gets pretty dark in the house even in the middle of the day. They like to grab flashlights and run around shining the light at each other. They like to turn one light on… Continue reading Lighting the Dollhouse

Exploring the Olympic Peninsula: Part I

I'm parked at Shine Tidelands and it's raining, because of course it's raining. Other cars are pulling in, they must have got the text messages too. Suddenly the cars banging over the bridge stops and all I hear are birds and the raindrops hitting the grass. There are two fishing boats anchored right off the… Continue reading Exploring the Olympic Peninsula: Part I

Our Lady Bear Turns 3!

It felt like Christmas Eve! Jared and I had both had our birthdays during the self-isolation. But our sucked and Soren's was so much more exciting! After bedtime we started putting everything together. Her birthday is technically Monday, but Jared has to work so we're celebrating early! Jared put together her dollhouse from He… Continue reading Our Lady Bear Turns 3!

Undercuts: The Good, The Bad, and the Awful

Undercuts are not pretty. Well mine never was. I shaved too much of my hair initially and it looked pretty clunky in a ponytail. But it was a godsend for this thick haired girl! I made my husband shave mine in 2015 during my first pregnancy. And now in May 2020 I'm growing it out.… Continue reading Undercuts: The Good, The Bad, and the Awful

It’s a Perfect Day to Wildschool!

Shine Tidelands, Washington State Tide pools are amazing and I fully endorse going to explore them! Just be sure to wear rubber boots and watch where you step. Wet sand can turn into quicksand if you're not careful. But there is so much wildlife to find! We found sea slugs, crabs, live sand dollars, sea… Continue reading It’s a Perfect Day to Wildschool!

I’m Dumping Facebook

I love Facebook. I love scrolling through my newsfeed and seeing what my friends are up to. I love watching their kids grow up. I frequently post snippets of my life through pictures. Even more often I like to share the posts I feel are funny or uplifting or relevant to my life. I’ve never… Continue reading I’m Dumping Facebook