RV Living at Naval Station Kitsap (Washington State)

We arrived in the area (Bremerton/Silverdale/Poulsbo/Port Orchard) in December 2019. There wan’t a ton of information available when we moved here. We had a tentative spot in a place we really didn’t understand, but it made us feel better having a spot. So we dragged our camper and our family 3,000 miles cross country and hoped for the best! We were lucky to find a (different) great spot, so I’m going to pay it forward and give you all the information I wish I’d had!

If you’ve never been to this area, I can almost guarantee it’s going to be different than you’re expecting. We came from Pennsylvania and it’s very different. Both are hilly and have vast forestry, but still it’s different. Kitsap county is where both bases reside. You are not allowed to live in an RV on your own land in Kitsap county (unless you are actively building a house). I’ve heard from several people that they were able to stay/rent a lot in someone’s yard. All of these individuals found their spots on Craigslist. I’ve seen many people solicit spots like these on Facebook, and none I have spoke to were successful. I was told that the parking/storage area of Craigslist often has spots (I just looked and there were 2 spots being advertised).

These are the campgrounds in the area. There could be more, but in my panicked state I was fairly thorough in my search!

  1. Gig Harbor RV Park
    • 21min to Bremerton/36min to Bangor
    • $700-$800 (base price) per month + electric
      • price increases during summer months, approx $100 April-Oct
    • Pros:
      • Huge, probably has availability
      • Super clean, very pretty park
    • Cons:
      • Very strict with extensive rules
      • You’ll pay extra monthly for more than 4 people
      • You’ll pay extra monthly for more than 1 vehicle

  1. Stagecoach Mobile Home Park and RV Park
    • $550-$600 per month + electric
    • 6min to Bremerton/16min to Bangor
    • Pros:
      • Very friendly every time I’ve talked to them
      • People I’ve spoken to are very happy to live here
      • Super close to both bases and all stores
    • Cons
      • On a busy four lane road with no light
      • Some spots look tight (my husband didn’t feel confident backing our 40ft in)

  1. Rocky Point Mobile Home Park
    • 6min to Bremerton/20min to Bangor
    • $550-600 per month + electric
    • Pros:
      • Close to everything in Bremerton
      • Off the main road, more of a residential feel, but still close to all stores
    • Cons:
      • We actually paid for the background check ($140) and had a spot reserved for us here, and we chose not to stay here because I didn’t feel safe
      • When we were there it seemed run down, though the property manager said they were in the process of sprucing it up, so it may be better now
      • The park seems difficult to get into. There is a sharp turn down a steep street and several sharp turns in the park.
        • I could be totally wrong about the place, but that was my experience

  1. Erland’s Point RV Park (888-272-4404)
    • 6min to Bremerton/ 12min to Bangor
    • This one doesn’t exist anywhere, except a listing we found on Craigslist
    • They accept full timers, but you can only have 2 people because their septic system is old. That is the only information I have!
    • It is super close the the Naval Hospital though! If you work there, this would be ideal

  1. Cedar Glenn Mobile Home and RV Park
    • 26min to Bremerton/ 19min to Bangor
    • $700-$800 per month (DURING WINTER) + electric
      • During the summer months they do not technically do monthly sites. They only allow a certain number of full-time people to stay, and if you are chosen, you then pay their weekly fee, which equates to approx. $1300 per month. They do this because they are a Good Sam campground and have to have a certain number of spots available to nightly campers during the summer.
    • Pros:
      • Clean, feels safe, close to everything (including Bainbridge Island)
      • The mobile home park is across the street from the RV section, and its actually a really gorgeous mobile home park
    • Cons:
      • Purely a gravel park, not much grass or separation between campers
      • On the smaller side, which is both good and bad
      • Also on a very busy road with no light

  1. Rhododendron Mobile Home Park
    • 18min to Bremerton/ 14min to Bangor
    • $550-$600 per month + electric
    • This is the most “Washington” campground in Kitsap county! You are off the beaten path and under the pines. We would have stayed here if there was availability, but it seems people don’t leave very often.
    • Pros:
      • Affordable, authentic, private
      • The closest to Bangor base
    • Cons:
      • I started contacting the owner 6 months before we arrived and there was still no availability
      • I would imagine it could be difficult to maneuver with all the trees (if you search it on google maps, all you see is trees!)
  1. Eagle Tree RV Park
    • $700-$800ish per month + electric (I believe)
      • Unsure of winter vs summer rates, they are also a Good Sam campground
    • This is the one everyone has seen or been told about when coming to this area! It’s certainly the one I heard about most often!
    • Pros:
      • Right across the street from Cedar Glenn, so it’s close to base and to Bainbridge Island
      • It has more trees than the others (other than Rhododendron), which is nice
      • They have temporary spots available, but you’re not going to get a monthly rate. Could be a good starting place, until you find somewhere more permanent.
      • It seemed safe and clean
    • Cons:
      • Good luck getting a space, we were told it would be 18 months before one was available, I actually had a really hard time even reaching someone to speak to because they’d stop answering their phone.
      • The campers are super jam packed in. There are a lot of campers there. Probably more than there should be.

  1. Gorst RV Park
    • 6min to Bremerton/ 21min to Bangor
    • I don’t know much about this one either. There are about 10 spots and it looks like a small lot in a residential area.
    • For the sake of completeness, I will include it!

There are many other Mobile Home Parks in the area, but all the ones I called either didn’t accept RV’s or were 55+ communities.

Another option is to stay in the state parks, but I believe you can only stay three weeks before you have to move somewhere else. I could be completely wrong, but that was what I was told. Another downside to that, is you have to pay the nightly rate. It’s between $30-$40 a night, and that adds up quickly. We stayed at Belfair State Park and it was beautiful and an excellent introduction to the tightness of Washington. If you have a big rig, try to stay towards the beach because its a TIGHT fit in those trees! Kitsap Memorial also has RV spots, but not many.

If you can’t find anything in Kitsap county, Mason county to the sound and Jefferson County to the west are the nearest areas. However, to get to Jefferson County you have to cross the Hood Canal Bridge, which happens to be a drawbridge. It didn’t open much during the winter months, but I’m getting text message alerts that it’s opening much more now that the weather is improving.

BEFORE YOU GO! There was a “proposed” RV park awhile back in Port Orchard. It was supposed to be done by October 2019, then April 2020, now it says July 1st. It’s called Sidney Park RV Park. We liked their website and it honestly sounded like an amazing place. However we reached out for information and never received a response. Then we drove past the address and it didn’t look like anything was being built. I just say this as a caution because they are accepting deposits on their website. Having inquired and never heard back, I’d advise you to speak with someone before putting money down. If we had seen that opportunity prior to moving, I worry we would have lost our money. But I will update if I hear they’ve opened! Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding, but always be cautious!

Also good to know; neither Bremerton nor Bangor Bases have an RV park. So that stinks!

I wish you the best of luck on your search and travels. Welcome to the area! If you need assistance feel free to reach out and I will try to help. It’s a truly beautiful area and easy to travel once you get used to it. Take your time on the mountains! And yes, they all drive slow.

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