This Is A Very Important Item For A Fulltime RV Family!

No, I’m not talking about the sewing machine.

One of my favorite items, the item that I have found the most versatile, is this simple clear plastic rubbermaid container. Pictured above it is fulfilling the role of table, which is sorely needed when I’m attempting to use my sewing machine. I love to sew. I used to have a huge 4’x 8′ homemade farmhouse table to do my work at. Now I’m banished to my kids 18″x 24″ Ikea table.

*Le sigh*

We built this table and it is the only thing I miss since moving into the camper. It’s only when I’m trying to do crafts though. Otherwise it hasn’t been a big deal.

But I digress!

As I was saying! The single most versatile item we have brought into our camper has been this container. This particular one is a Sterilite 32 Qt. We have used these for so many purposes!

Firstly, in camper, it is very unlikely that you will be blessed with a bathtub. Even if you do have a “bathtub,” it’s truly going to be a quote bathtub end-quote. And that’s because bathtubs in campers are only usually a few inches deep. All the ones I’ve seen anyways. For adults, no big deal. But for toddlers, very big deal. This has served as my kids’ bathtub since we moved into our tiny home. I could show you a million adorable pictures to drive the point home, but I will not.

The second most common thing we use this for is sensory activities. When mom is feeling extra patient and mellow, I bring out the bin and fill it with rice, noodles, beans, kinetic sand, or whatever substrate I can find that the kids can dig in and manipulate.

Another toddler friendly activity that the bin makes a little easier is painting! For some reason I started painting with my kids and now they want to do it all the time. Haha. Yay creativity, boo scrubbing paint off the floor. But the bin allows you to maintain the chaos. Mostly!

For the first time, water plus construction paper works really well!

I have come to realize that kids are basically cats. If they have access to a box, they will be sitting and playing in it before you know it. This bin is no exception and makes a nice get away for a toddler who’s had a rough day.

Aside from all the fun kid-related uses for this item, mom and dad even get to use it. As pictured above, the bin makes a great table for typing or sewing. I could expand that to any activity where you may need a table. My husband has two outside that he exclusively uses for the black tank hoses (those are no longer versatile, but they do fit the hoses perfectly). Heck, from time to time I even use it as a bathtub just to soak my sore bones.

Plus there are the storage aspects that having rubbermaid bins affords you. We used to store the kids’ clothes in them in our old camper. There are probably a million uses for these handy little bins. But this one has paid for itself ten timesaver. It has been, without a doubt, the one item that we have probably gotten the most use out of.

  • Other items that come to mind:
    • My instant pot with air fryer lid (omg)
    • Tea Kettle (we use this constantly)
    • My washer and dryer
      • My only YouTube video shows our struggle to install it, what a trip!

But those are items for another post!

Have a wonderful day ❤

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