I Rocked Motherhood Today

And I’m convinced this is why:

I didn’t pick up my computer,
I didn’t fuss with my book,
I didn’t stress about formatting for my paper backs,
I wasn’t on my phone that much.

Why are electronics so stressful? Why do I spend so much time on my devices? Why?! My kids are in bed and this is the first time I’ve touched my laptop all day. I am so happy with how the day went. I sat and engaged with my kids the whole day. We did activities and spent the entire day together. I feel like today was the best day we’ve had in a little while.

I want more of these days with my kids.

I need to take this into account and make a major life change.

So instead of sitting with my face on a webpage or getting heated because my computer wouldn’t do what I needed it to do; here’s what we did!

We Made Orange Juice!

Chalk Is Life

We spent a ton of time chalking on the road! My kids had so much to say about what they were creating. They asked me draw with them, and instead of sitting nearby, I participated. I could tell it meant a lot to them to have me with them. I drew a hopscotch board and taught them how to jump around on it. We had a blast, even with my weak mom bladder.

Bubbles Are Magic

We Ended Our Perfect Day At The Beach

This was our perfect day. I enjoyed almost every moment of it. There wasn’t much fighting or crying and I wish everyday could be like this.

I’m going to do my best to put down the electronics and be truly engaged with my kids.

Happy mama, happy babies ❤

Have a great day everyone.

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