Growing Beans For My Kids

I saw this pack of purple bean seeds at the store and knew we had to grow them!

I chose to start them indoors, in a glass jar to let the kids see what was happening. I stuffed the jar with cotton balls and put the seeds against the glass. I watered and we waited.

So far it’s been really exciting. The kids have been eager to see how it has grown each day. And it is really growing!

May 16: Day 1
May 21: Day 5
We have a root!
May 23: Day 7
I see leaves!

Before long I think we’ll have to take it outside and plant it with the other beans. But for now we will enjoy it inside where it’s safe from the slugs! I will say, I’m happy with the growth we’ve seen. We don’t have much natural light coming in so I was skeptical.

May 25: Day 9
It shot up overnight!

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