Lighting the Dollhouse

Lately my kids enjoy playing in the dark. They like to turn all the lights off and, lucky for them, it gets pretty dark in the house even in the middle of the day.

They like to grab flashlights and run around shining the light at each other. They like to turn one light on and see how it affects the room. I feel like they have a pretty good grasp of lighting and achieving the atmosphere they want. They’re also learning to play cooperatively and imaginatively.

But I was watching them just now and P was sitting in the dark with the dollhouse, carefully moving the flashlight around to create large lighted spaces inside the rooms of the dollhouse. He was slow and deliberate and was testing out the angles. It was a cool moment.

It reminded me of school, when we rigged up a couple wires to a 9 volt battery and a small lightbulb to make a “house.” I bet I could introduce that to him and he’d probably be pretty interested.

Horray unschooling moment ✿♡

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