Our Lady Bear Turns 3!

It felt like Christmas Eve! Jared and I had both had our birthdays during the self-isolation. But our sucked and Soren’s was so much more exciting! After bedtime we started putting everything together. Her birthday is technically Monday, but Jared has to work so we’re celebrating early!

Jared put together her dollhouse from Guidecraft.com He was even kind enough to let me tape him! Haha

It’s a little bigger than I wanted, but I think all 3 kids will love playing together. They’ll be able to get at it from any angle. And it’s sturdy. That will be important!

We mixed her mermaid jello cups and baked her purple cake! This kid is obsessed with pink and purple lately.

Of course, we had a late night potty emergency. We basically had to birdbox Phoenix so he didn’t sneak a peak at all the birthday goodies!
Auntie Shauna sent her a pretend doctor kit. It was a huge hit.
They got to eat as much cake and ice cream as they wanted. We regretted that around 6pm lmao
Happy Birthday Baby Bear 🧜‍♀️💜

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