Undercuts: The Good, The Bad, and the Awful

Undercuts are not pretty. Well mine never was. I shaved too much of my hair initially and it looked pretty clunky in a ponytail. But it was a godsend for this thick haired girl! I made my husband shave mine in 2015 during my first pregnancy. And now in May 2020 I’m growing it out. And I’m not really sure why!!

The Good

1. Undercuts are amazing for girls with sensitive scalps and thick hair like me. My ponytail was suddenly 20 pounds lighter and my scalp didn’t hurt when I took it down. Score!

2. When done right, they are damn cute! I saw a fish scale design on Pinterest once and I loved it.

The Bad

1. Having someone shave your head with any frequency is a pain in the butt! And my husband/barber constantly caught long strands during the shave sessions, which meant my big undercut gradually got bigger.

2. Designs are hard! I am a master at giving my husband the fade he needs for work. Turns out he’s a bit heavy handed when making designs in my hair with shears. Find someone who’s both creative and patient to play with your hair. And preferably who has a small set of shears.

3. Dying the shaved back of your head is hilarious. My natural hair color was too dark and basically all I did was dye my skin. But for anyone with the patience to bleach first and use a paintbrush, maybe it would look cool!

4. When you go to a hairdresser, make sure you mention you have an undercut. Don’t leave with an undercut full of hair dye like I did. Turns out undercuts are notoriously difficult to fully wash out! And leaving hair color on for way too long will make your scalp itch.

The Awful

Growing it out sucks!

Mine has been growing out for several months and it feels like it’s been years. Have you ever had a hoodie bunch up at the nape of your neck? That’s what it feels like most of the time. I’m tempted to cut it again just because I can’t stand the yucky short layer back there. Maybe someone can cornrow it for me until its grown out.


After looking at all my pictures and even though I have more negatives than positives. I seriously want to shave it. I take it back, undercuts are awesome (as long as you never grow it back out).


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