It’s a Perfect Day to Wildschool!

Tide pools are amazing and I fully endorse going to explore them! Just be sure to wear rubber boots and watch where you step. Wet sand can turn into quicksand if you’re not careful.

But there is so much wildlife to find! We found sea slugs, crabs, live sand dollars, sea anemones, and this weird little bubble thing that didn’t seem to be a living creature. Plus my kids are total puddle babies so they had a fantastic time. Even the little one who tripped and soaked himself five minutes into the trip. 😅

If you go, be sure to do two things first. Check the tide chart online to make sure it’s low tide. Tide pools are covered at high tide and the times typically change a little everyday. Also, download an app to help you identify the wildlife you find.

This is my favorite app for identifying everything! It’s called Seek. It has helped me figure out what I was looking at in a bunch of situations! You can find it here in the play store.

Happy identifying! ✌️

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