I’m Dumping Facebook

I love Facebook. I love scrolling through my newsfeed and seeing what my friends are up to. I love watching their kids grow up. I frequently post snippets of my life through pictures. Even more often I like to share the posts I feel are funny or uplifting or relevant to my life. I’ve never really cared about the likes or popularity of my posts. While I enjoy reading comments, it’s never been my driving force.

What I don’t like about Facebook is the division of people that has been growing more and more heated over the past few years. Or maybe it’s always been there and I didn’t notice. Or maybe people are just evolving into braver keyboard warriors and it’s reaching a natural head. But with the state of the world and the misinformation available, I just don’t feel like Facebook is a productive use of my emotional energy. Day zero happened because I got so worked up about a post I’d seen, and was telling my husband about. I was so frustrated that I started to cry.

So I’m cutting the cord. I’m on day 4. I physically had to remove the app from my phone. Apparently the brain in my fingers will automatically open Facebook the moment I unlock my screen. I don’t plan on deleting entirely, because its a time capsule of the last 11 years. But I do miss having an outlet for my thoughts. I’m sure my parents and friends are only going to indulge my random bursts of information for so long. 

So here I am. Welcome to my brain.

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